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Wanchai Bars

Wanchai Bars

Here is another of the photos I took in July,1972. If I am correctly remembering, I'm standing on the corner of Lockhart and Luard,looking down Lockhart towards Fenwick. There is the Ocean Bar on the right. In a 1967 photo here, the Ocean Bar,and the United Nightclub appear to be on the same side of the street-but in 1972, the United was next door to the Mini Club. I spent a lot of time in that Mini Club, and would sometimes find myself spending the night in the "Lucky Apartment" (I still have the card) at 87 Lockhart Road, "upstair United Bar". A memorable time for a 19 year old from rural Michigan.



No-I'm not looking toward Fenwick-I'm looking the opposite direction .

Hi Doug, Thanks for sharing your photos - much appreciated,

regards, David

An interesting era. Will try and find a collection of matchboxes from the 60s and 70s.