West Wing topping-off Ceremony photo | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

West Wing topping-off Ceremony photo

West Wing topping-off Ceremony photo

Who are these guys ?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1959


14MG version available.  David, is that too big to upload ?

I don't know the exact limit, but it's somewhere around 12 mega-pixels (I use 3,000 x 4,000 as my maximum).

If you're mainly interested in identifying faces, you could halve the size by cropping off the sky/buildings and pavement.

Regards, David

PS Are they up on the roof of the building?

It seems that they were on the roof top of EAST wing in relation to Government House

Bill Lake has identified the man in the front row, sixth from left is John Charter:

He was the architect of the East Wing and the Main Block.

Regards, David

I agree with other posts that in order to identify faces it would help if we might see a higher resolution image of the group by cropping out the background.

Seated in the centre, the shape of face and heavy-framed glasses suggest that it could  be David Trench (later Sir David)  who after a posting as High Commissioner B.W.P.T returned to Hong Kong in 1964 as  Governor. Trench was in Hong Kong in 1959-1960 as Deputy Colonial Secretary.