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Ad for house named Beauregard

Ad for house named Beauregard

The well-known and beautifully situatied residence "Beauregard" Rent, $120 per Month.  Apply to Vaucher & Co.

Hongkong, 27th January, 1864

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1864


William Henry Brereton QC here in 1878 & 1879 according to his daughter Ethel's birth & baptism certs.

Would like to know if there is a picture of the house Beauregard?


I just happened on this ad from 1864.  I had never heard of the house, and yours is the only other reference I have seen.

The first step will be to confirm its loactaion, then maybe it is shown in one of the photos we already have,

A search for Beauregard,, shows there was a house called Beauregard on Bonham Road in 1885 and 1908. It seems likely that's the same house, but not 100% sure. Unfortunately ithey don't give any house number.

Regards, David

Do you think that Beauregard was on Mount Gough?

There were no houses on Mt.Gough in 1864. 

It was bought by the London Missionary Society.