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1906 Typhoon at Hong Kong

1906 Typhoon at Hong Kong

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The Sphere: Typhoon at Hong Kong

Title: Typhoon at Hong Kong 

Cartographer: The Sphere:

Year:  1906 (Age: 104 years old) 

Condition: Fine

Type: Lithograph

Colour: Uncoloured

Area Shown: Hong Kong

Engraved Area: 9.75 x 15  inches  /24.8 x 38.1 cm

From the Original Text:

On Tuesday of last week a typhoon, which signifies in Chinese " A Great Wind" swept of ver Hong Kong, doing immense damage to the British colony and the shipping in the harbour. 

The usual signal was not given on this occasion, with the result that the vessels in the harbour suffered terribly.  Seven were sunk, eight were wrecked, or went ashore, while thirteen were damaged.  The colony also sustained a sad loss in the death of Bishop Hoare, who perished in the typhoon near Castle Peak Bay, indicated to the left of the drawing given here. The typhoon occur most frequently in September.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, September 20, 1906