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1890s Hong Kong Hotel

1890s Hong Kong Hotel
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1893


I think the matshed pier is Pedder's Wharf

In November 1892, a contract was signed for the construction of a temporary pier opposite Ice House St for the purposes of accommodating ferry and other traffic plying from Pedder's Wharf and constructing Section No. 7 of the praya reclamation works.

On 27 June 1894, the temporary timber wharf opposite Ice House St was opened to traffic and the wharf known as Pedder's Wharf was closed.

In 1900 the Ice House Street Wharf was leased to the Star Ferry Co. on the completion of Blake Pier.


It certainly fits this description of the second Pedder's Wharf :

By the 1880s, Hong Kong required a new wharf on the site. The HongKong Telegraph reported on 12 February, 1886 that "the first pile of the new Pedder's Wharf has been driven at a distance of 38 feet (about10 metres) from the praya wall. Three similar piles have been towed over from Tsim Sha Tsui and are ready to be put in place". The new wharf was located where Pedder Street now meets Des Voeux Road. Luff wrote: "It extended 195 feet out from the praya wall, and was 40 feet broad, having six sets of steps down to the water. When the big reclamation scheme of the 1890s commenced, the wharf had to go and its site became an inland point.

From HK Standard, found via Wikipedia.

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