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Star Ferry - Kowloon side

Star Ferry - Kowloon side

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It looks like the wharf belongs to "Anglo American" probably the oil compamy which became Esso, (from Standard Oil) and now Exxon. The boats do look like early 20th century Star Ferries

The Kowloon Star Ferry Wharf in the 1900s as I understand lay to the north of the current one near to the main entrance of the Kowloon Wharf and Godown Co. Ltd.

Same photo 1900s

1900s Kowloon Star Ferry Pier








1906 Kowloon Star Ferry

So this was "Wharf"'s wharf ?  And this is their godown ? Wharf bought the Star Ferry in 1898, I think.


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1900s Kowloon Wharf and Godowns

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Kowloon Peninsula 1948

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Maps of the Kowloon Star Ferry Pier can be viewed here:

After the typhoon of 1906 had destoyed the pier, the Star Ferry Pier was entirely reconstructed on a new plan the following year which allowed the ferries to go alongside and berth parallel to the quay wall instead of right angles to it.

I reckon this postcard photo shows the 1907 pier from landside.

1907 Kowloon Star Ferry








In 1914, a large new wharf for the Star Ferry launches was completed. The wharf was divided into two sections (Kowloon Permanent Piers No. 32 and 33), one for the ordinary ferry service and the other for the railway service.

1916 piers from landside. The KCR colonnade was extended to the Kowloon Star Ferry Pier in 1916.

1918 Kowloon Star Ferry Piers









1920s Kowloon Star Ferry






1920s Kowloon Star Ferry


Similar angle, taken in late 1890s....I think.

Wharf Company's Godown