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1950s Chatham Road Cable & Wireless Station

1950s Chatham Road Cable & Wireless Station
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1955


I think this photo is of the section of Chatham Rd just to the east of the railway lines. The photographer was likely stood near the junction with Gascoigne Rd, where Chatham Rd curves round.

The Chatham Rd Camp was further south, nearer TST?

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Thos buildings might have been KCRC/Polytechnic related buildings instead.  Unfortunately my memory of that period of time at that location is pretty faded.  I think old maps should show something.  I'll see if the 1964 aerial photos could provide any useful information later tonight.

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The curvature of the road appears to agree with tngan's suggestion.  My bus from TST to Clear Water Bay Road and school travelled this way. Only when I saw this photo that the memories of these towers came back to life.  Air quality and visibility I believe were better then especially when these old photos show such clarity.