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Tai Hang

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Tai Hang
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1869


Thanks HF, great view of the old village.

Interestingly, houses with extreme similarities were found in old photos of present-day Wun Sha Street area. At a closer look, the mountain profile at the back of the theme photo resembled what could be seen from Tai Hang at a slightly different angle.

Photos were attached showing those houses for comparison.

Wun Sha Street
Wun Sha Street, by TN Kwok

I think you are correct, there are too many similarities.

Dear TN, yes, this photo shows the same village as the other one. Please check out my posts in Wanchai Group (FB) about how HF and I confirmed the identify of the village. 


Thank you all. Glad to see this.


Is HF around to change the image title?

I've updated the title from

Wong Nai Chung Village


Tai Hang

A photo of Tai Hang from around the same time, colourised by @OldHKinColour: