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Metropole Hotel

Metropole Hotel

Does anyone know where this was located in HK and what could be there now? There was a Metropole Hotel on Waterloo Rd on the site of the former Fourseas, but this hotel pre-dates the Fourseas. Any info would be great! 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1904


This might be on the Hong Kong side since I've heard (from Vanessa) that Kowloon wasn't built up until after 1900.

There have been a few Metropole Hotels in Hong Kong. The postcard of the Metropole Hotel that is shown is I believe the one taken on the old Shaukiwan Road (today's King's Road) in North Point. It may be the site of the Metropole Building in the district. In 1904, the tramline was constructed and I think part of the single track line to Shau Ki Wan can be seen on the road in front of the Hotel.

Dated 1904.

1900s Metropole Hotel

Thanks so much! I love the blurb you included!

There's another old advert I saw for a Hotel out that way. I don't remember the name of the hotel, but I remember the theme of the advert was that visiting the hotel was just as sophisticated as anything you might find at Ramsgate!

It does look very elegant. Reminds me of the Helena May on Garden Road.

Hong Kong Daily Press 15 October 1898

"The Metropole Hotel on the Shaukiwan Road will be opened Saturday next."