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Mount Gough

Mount Gough

The houses from the top are:

- Brockhurst (white)

- Kirkendoa (red, right)

- Bicton & Barrington (one building, red left)

- Red Hill (white, lowest house)

This postcard was mailed in 1907

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1900


The original photo for this postcard is in the Public Records Office (no online view - you have to go there):

As Kirkendoa (completed in 1897/8), Red Hill (completed by 1898) and Bicton/Burrington (completed by 1899) are all present, the photo must have been taken in 1899 at the earliest. As its postmark says 1907 it must have been taken before then. Its date range should therefore be from 1898 to 1907.