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WDBS #8, Junction of Gascoigne and Jordan Roads

WDBS #8, Junction of Gascoigne and Jordan Roads

This boundary stone marks the northwest corner of Gun Club Hill Barracks. Its actual stone number is difficult to discern.(Update: Present day stone marker reveals it is WDBS #8.)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, July 16, 2009


One for the older visitors. Gascoigne Road is named after the grandfather of erstwhile University Challenge convener Bamber Gascoigne. He was GOC of British Forces Hong Kong.

"Fingers on the buzzers!"

Lim-peng, thanks for the info. I always enjoy hearing these quirky connections.

Bamber may be interested to read what you've written here, as he has several history-related projects. His latest one lets people search history via a timeline. Here's a timeline for Hong Kong from his Timesearch website.

As can be seen today with the paintings faded, the engraving of WD8 is rather prominent.

Thanks. Updated the original text.

P_20200320_WD8.jpg, by H.Lo