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1950s Wanchai Road

1950s Wanchai Road

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Sunday, January 1, 1950


The building on the corner of Praya East and Wanchai Road served as a Police Station.

1910s Praya East (Wanchai Road)

I was wondering what the Salvation Army building used to be - thanks for this. I guess sometime between the 1910s & 1050s photo the police moved to the new station on Gloucester Road, freeing up this building?

The current Wanchai Police Station (aka No. 2 Police Station) on Gloucester Road was occupied in 1932 after the completion of the Praya East Reclamation in 1929.

More information on the old numbering system of police stations on Hong Kong Island can be viewd on these links:


 A close-up of the former police station
1950s Fred Evans' photos
 from FE's collection.

I think the old building at the junction of Wanchai Road and Johnston Road was used by the Kempetei during the Japanese occupation. On the triangular piece of land right next to the old building was erected a large pill-box in which a sentry stood all day, staring westward down Johnston Road.

The pillbox was situated at the eastern junction of Johnston and Hennessy Roads near the petrol station as seen here: http://collections.lib.uwm.edu/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/agsphoto&C...

Thanks, moddsey. I apologise for misleading you. The large pillbox was indeed at the eastern junction of Johnston and Hennessy Roads, and was built as part of the defence. I was referring to a very solid looking concrete structure put up by the Japanese next to the old Police Station at the junction of Johnston and Wanchai Roads.  It was apparently intended as a sentry post, but was far more substantial than a normal sentry box. That is why I (incorrectly) referred to it as a pillbox. A sentry would normally be on duty there, staring solemnly down Johnston Road, and passers-by were not encouraged to linger.