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1920s Praya West Piers

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1920s Praya West Piers
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The sign reads Hau Tak Wharf. On the maps available, this name does not appear. However, there is a very similar photo here that is from a similar date. On the MMIS photo, single tracks with a slight curvature are visible. The only place that matches is at the Cleverly Street junction with Connaught Road. Therefore this should be Pasig/Po Tak Wharf.

I found a mention of Hau Tak in this Google search, which says it comes from a PWD Annual Report. Except I can't find that text in the PWD's report for 1912 or 1913!

The funnel of the ship is grey with a black ring at the top. If you  look at this photo, the third ship has a similar funnel. To me it looks as if there is one ship at the first, and two at the second one. The one with the grey/black funnel is on the right-hand side of the pier, the same side as in the photo above.

1920s Praya West
1920s Praya West, by Admin

Could be a hint (if not a proof). 

The tram tracks on the MMIS photo make me quite sure of the location.