Video: Historical development of the Central District | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Video: Historical development of the Central District

Last Saturday, Dr. Patrick Hase gave a very interesting talk on this subject. I managed to catch most of it on my digital camera, and Dr Hase has kindly allowed me to put it up on the internet for all to see. (The presentation slides are available for download too)

It's really worth watching - he obviously knows a huge amount about the subject, and is a very good speaker too (though he was suffering from a heavy cold on this day).

Excuse the shaky start, I get settled down after the first minute or two - and apologies in advance for the sound of my heavy breathing in parts!


Any chance of getting the Powerpoint slides from Dr. Patrick Hase?

I've sent Dr Hase an email to ask if that's possible. In the meantime, watching the youtube videos in full-screen mode (click the icon second-from-right under the video) makes them a bit clearer.

Amazing! Many thanks to you & Dr. Hase. :)

Very intresting; I will have a look with more detail when I have a spare hour.

BTW your page is merging the left-column with second column stuff.  Using Windows, could that be the problem?