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China Families (genealogy web site, searches directories etc)

Gwulo users may find the China Families site useful. On it you can find a growing body of information about men and women of many different nationalities, professions and ages, who lived and worked in China between the 1850s and 1940s.


These records have been drawn from government department lists, legal and diplomatic records, cemetery lists, and during research undertaken for a number of projects on the history of modern China and of the foreign relations of China.


Robert or John Mitchell Dunlop, Hong Kong 1870s

Photo by Lai Afong, approx. 1875

Text on Flickr:

Possibly Robert Dunlop 1848 -1909 or John Mitchell Dunlop 1858-1939, sons of James Dunlop (see photo 1). Both Robert and John Mitchell worked as a ship's engineers in the Merchant Navy during the 1870s and 1880s, as did their youngest brother William, and like them, travelled extensively, as did Andrew (see photo 50) as a master mariner.

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