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Missions Etrangères de Paris Aberdeen Mission House [c.1849-????]

Date Place completed: 
c.1849-09-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

Aberdeen Lot No 1, measuring 1.5 acres was granted toAuguste  Forcade and the Missions Etrangères de Paris on 31st August 1849 with an annual crown rent of $1 on condition the ground was used for educational or religious purposes. $202 was spend in 1849 to build a house

A mission Station was later set up in Tsuen Wan, which was part of the Aberdeen Mission


Source: The foundation of the Catholic mission in Hong Kong, 1841-1894 (Xia Qilong 1998 HKU)

Bethanie - FL 24 [1875- ]

Date Place completed: 

Béthanie Sanatorium, complete with a neo-gothic chapel was built on a hilltop in Pokfulam, Hong Kong surrounded by dairy pastures by the Missions Etrangères de Paris (the French Mission).  Completed in 1875, Béthanie operated until 1974 as a place for priest and missionaries from all over Asia to recover from tropical diseases before returning to their missions.

More photos http://www.emmanuel.org.hk/html/pokfulam-churches.html


Douglas Castle - Nazareth - University Hall - RBL 32 [1875- ]

Date Place completed: 



Douglas Castle on the hill that was Rural Building Lot 32.  (Bethanie, center right)

1863 - Douglas Castle built by Douglas Lapraik, a watchmaker who  expanded into shipping.  He returned to England almost as soon as Douglas Castle was built, and died about 5 years later. 

Douglas Villa - IL 151 [1880-????]

Date Place completed: 

1889 - US Consulate

Autobiography of an Octogenarian By Robert Enoch Withers US Consul to Hong Kong 1880s http://books.google.com/books?id=05MvAAAAYAAJ&vq=Sece&pg=PA440#v=onepage...

1919 - Dominican Priory

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