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Photos tagged "Peak"

Leigh Tor - Lysholt History from PRO 1985

Portrait Willem Kien, Dresden ca. 1895, photo studio Hahn's

Mount Austin Hotel

Hong Kong, group of young men relaxing, ca. 1900

Hong Kong, street view, ca. 1900

Postcards Hong Kong wrapper postcards by M. Sternberg

Hong Kong, Braeside & British Military Hospital, ca. 1910

歲月神偷 白加道纜車站 Barker Road Station 2008, Hong Kong Now and Then

Mountain Lodge/ Peak Umbrella Seat

Clavadel and Leigh Tor - Lysholt From the Junction of Gough Hill Road & Peak Road Early 20th Century

Hong Kong in 1923 (Praya Central)

The Peak

My grandfather P. Marks

My grandparents P. Marks and M.G. Marks-Groot

View from Dragon Lodge

Dragon Lodge

Postcard Hong Kong - The Peak, H.K. sent 20 Jan 1936, "The Mount" and "Modreenagh" buildings

mount austin barracks 1937

Postcard Hong Kong: view from Peak mid levels, ca. 1950

Postcard Hong Kong: Views from the Peak, ca. 1950

Peak view 1953/54

The Peak Cafe,1953-54

Mt Austin Road Playground 1966

Mt Austin Rd Playground 1966

The Peak Cafe, May 1966

Peak Terminal, May, 1966

peak mansions 1966

Mt Austin Road 1966

Hong Kong - Peak Tram

Hong Kong - Homes on Victoria Peak

1968 Traffic Pagoda

Dining at the Peak Cafe, 1969

Clavadel -19 Gough Hill Road Hong Kong from North circa 1971

Chief Justice's House (Lysholt) 18 Gough Hill Road The Peak Hong Kong circa 1971

Clavadel - 19 Gough Hill Road from South circa 1971

"The Bluff" on Gough Hill Road The Peak RBL 25 - Circa 1971

Peak Tram Area 1975

No. 1 Barker Road

Peak Funicular Tram 1986

Hong Kong3 Victoria Peak_sep1991

The Peak Tower. 1992

Central 1998.07.06

2003 - view from the Peak

Laboyrie - 24 Mount Cameron Road

Life on the Peak

at Barker Road


22 Barker Road being destroyed / renovated.

Damaged house at Peak

27 Lugard Road, Peak, Hong Kong 2011 山頂盧吉道27號
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