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1840 Cum-sing moon.JPG

1842 Map of Initial Land Sales in the Colony

Admiralty, 1843

HK in 1843

HK in 1843 - detail

Stanley cantonment reduced.jpg

1845 Belcher.jpg

1845 Map

1845 Causeway Bay map

1845 map 06.JPG

1845 Map of Hong Kong

1845 map 03.JPG

1845 map 00.JPG

1845 map - Magistracy & Jails

1845 Map of Aberdeen

1845 Map (detail) Central

1845 map 07.JPG

1845 map 04.JPG

Tsim Sha Tsui sketch based on 1845 Collinson map

1845 map 01.JPG

1845 map 08.JPG

1845 map 05.JPG

1845 map 02.JPG

Harbour Master's House

Cast iron tanks

1850 Green Bank

1850 Cast iron tanks and pipes in Victoria Cantonment

Mid 1800s Wanchai Map

1853 Plan of the Cantonment at Victoria

Kellett Island 1853

Stanley Military Cantonment 1853

Mid 1800s Wanchai Map

HK in 1856

Map 1856 - Admiralty

1856 Map - Detail - Sai Ying Poon

Admiralty, 1856

1857Map copy.jpg

1858 map of Hong Kong, Macao, Canton, Pearl River

Plan of Victoria Military Facilities

1862 Map of Hong Kong

1863 kowloon map

1863 Tsim Sha Tsui map

Tai Ping Shan

Victoria-Harbour - map of 1866

Victoria Harbour-Plan 0f 1873

Map of the LMS compound

1874 Map of Central

Wanchai map 1880

Admiralty, 1880

East Point - map 1880

Victoria Harbour Waterfront 1882.jpeg

Tai Ping Shan

1887 Map of Yau Ma Tei

Fenwick Shipyard's boat pool

1888 harbour chart

Map of Hong Kong - with British Kowloon (ca. 1888)

Magazine Gap map 1888

TST point. c1888

Map showing Star Ferry Pier

Survey sheet of Wanchai in 1889

Wanchai 1889

1889 Map showing 8-sided "Hospital Tank"

Plan of the City of Victoria Hong Kong.jpg

1889 map of Happy Valley

1889 Map of Kennedy Town

1890 Site plan of Victoria Battery

Plan of Hong Kong Cantonment

Plan of Hong Kong Foreshore

Map of Tai Tam Bay

1890s Kowloon TST Map.jpg

1890s Map of Central District

1895 Map of Mount Davis Area

Plan of Saiwan Redoubt

Map of Hung Hom in 1896

European Houses on Hankow Road

Map of TST in 1896

Map of Ho Mun Tin in 1896

Map of Yau Ma Tei in 1896

Ho Mun Tin watercourses in 1896

1897 map of Tai Wong Lane & Street


Map of CPS + Wyndham Street

1897 Tourist Map of China and Soon to be New Territories

Tsim Sha Tsui Map 1901

1901 sheet 9 map, Robinson Road & Richmond Road etc. with house names

1901 map sheet 7 Bonham Road

1901 City Map

Robinson Road

1901 Lot Map

Richmond Terrace

Queen's Gardens layout

Castle Road - 1901

1901 Map - Kennedy and MacDonnell Roads - Sheet 16

Hospital Tank

1901 map showing the cotton mill in Causeway Bay

Maps of Wanchai seafront, 1897 & 1903

Kai Tak airport area

1902-3 Po Kong village

1902-3 Map of Tsim Sha Tsui

1903 Map of area around Ma Tau Wei

1902-3 Po Kong village and surroundings

Map of Peak Road

Kowloon West Bty.1.jpeg

Ice House and Murray Battery

1905 map of the Naval Yard Extension

1909 Map of Hong Kong

1910 plan of proposed university

1911 Map of Central

Plan of Taikoo Dockyard

Sketch Plan of the Peak 1912

Wanchai Lot Map 1913

1915 Hong Kong Map


1920 Kln - Sheet 4 - Bottom-left

Ho Mun Tin highlights

Yau Ma Tei landmarks

Map of Hung Hom in 1920

1920 Kln - Sheet 4 - Middle-left

Map of TST in 1920

1920 map of Kowloon showing area around the Observatory

1920 Kln - Sheet 4 - Top-left

Hung Hom Dockyard Quarters.jpg

Map of Ho Mun Tin in 1920

"Star Ferry to Peak Tram" Map

Map of Yau Ma Tei in 1920

Map of area around Po Hing Fong

Ho Mun Tin watercourses in 1920

1920s Praya East Reclamation Scheme

1922 North Point Map

1924 Kowloon map - Quadrant 4

1924 Kowloon map - Quadrant 8

The Peak - Map 1924 (1 of 2)

1924 Kowloon map - Quadrant 2

1924 Thomas Cook 01.JPG

1924 Kowloon map - Quadrant 9

The Peak - Map 1924 (2 of 2)

Kowloon Map - 1924

1920s Kennedy Town Map

1924 Kowloon map - Quadrant 4

1924 Kowloon map - Quadrant 7

1924 Kowloon map - Quadrant 14

1924 map of Lok Lo Ha

1924 Map of Central & Western

1924 Map of Kowloon

1924 Po Kong village and surroundings

1924 Map of Kennedy Town

Kai Tak airport area

1920s East Point Map

1928 Kai Tak airfield

Vehicular Ferry Pier Central: Plan 1928

1930s Kowloon City Street Map

Victoria Battery


Victoria Battery

1930 map section

Wanchai 1931

IL 1381 - Kennedy Rd - MacDonnall Rd - Peak Tram

Government Hill redevelopment - proposed 1933

HKU Map 1934

Kai Tak airport area

Victoria Battery

Kai Tak Map

KAI TACK airport location diagram-1937

1937 Typhoon's Toll Document

1938 HK & Whampoa Dockyad KCR Extension.jpg

LTR escape route map 1: SSP Camp to Three Fathoms Cove

RAF Hangar location in 1938

LTR escape route map 2: To Yeung to Waichow

Map used by Osler Thomas, BAAG

Map of San Wai

1939 OS Map of Stanley Main Beach

Map-North West New Territories-1939

Admiralty, 1936-46

Sketched Map of Tsim Sha Tsui, 1930s or 1940s

HK Island Pillbox Map

Tsim Sha Tsui-Kowloon Point-development proposal-1940

1941 Hong Kong Land properties

Stanley 1941


Morley's map of SSPo.jpg

Map of Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

1945 Map of Amoy

Tai Po Bridge map.png

1945 Map of Kulangsu

American Air Force map from 1945

American Air Force-Hong Kong Island Map-segment.jpg

Chung Wan

Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan, Chung Wan

Kennedy Town, Shek Tong Tsui

Chung Wan, Wan Chai

Happy Valley

Hong Kong street maps index

Quarry Point, Shau Ki Wan

Causeway Bay, North Point, King's Road

Happy Valley, Causeway Bay


Aberdeen, Aplichau

Kowloon, Boundary Street, Prince Edward Road, Kau Lung Tong

Kowloon, Boundary Street, Waterloo Road, Kau Lung Tsai

Kowloon, Chatham Road, Lo Lung Hang

Kowloon, Nathan Road Star Ferry, Yau Ma Ti

Japanese POW Camps in WWII

Wanchai 1946

1947 Map of Kowloon near Chatham Road

1947 KCR Railway Siding to Holt's Wharf & KWGC

1947 KCR Railway Siding to Hong Kong Whampoa Dockyard

Kai Tak Map 1947

Abercrombie development map-1948

1950 Sookunpoo Map

1950s Map Of Hong Kong (Relative to Canton and Macao)

HK map 1950's 2.jpg

Kai Tak - map 1950/51

Map of Ultopia & The Peak 15 Dec 1951.JPG

North Point 1952

1952 map of Naval Dockyard

1952 map of Sugar Refinery

02 HK Guide Book Inside Front Cover Map

Before and after Route Twisk

27 HK Guide Book Page 48 & Inside Back Cover

28 HK Guide Book Page Map Inside Back Cover

1954 HK Tramlines - Quarry Bay to Sai Wan Ho

1954 HK Tramlines - Wanchai to Causeway Bay

1954 HK Tramlines - Kennedy Town to Sai Ying Pun

1954 HK Tramlines - Sai Wan Ho to Shaukiwan

1954 HK Tramlines - Happy Valley Racecourse

1954 HK Tramlines - Sheung Wan to Central

1954 HK Tramlines - Causeway Bay to North Point

1954 HK Tramlines - Central to Wanchai

1950s Map of Mount Kellett

1950s Map of Central District

1950s Map of Wanchai Gap & Mount Cameron

1950s North Kowloon Map

1955 1-600 Robinson Road 196-SW-9

Hong Kong Flotilla Armed Motor Launch on Patrol -The Crew

Hong Kong-Pictorial map-1955

Hong Kong-Central Business District-Pictorial map-1955

1955 1-600 map of Wyndham Street

Hong Kong Guide 1956 Map Of Kowloon

Peak Map

Kowloon street map 1957

1957 Sham Tseng map

1957 Map of Shatin area

Dockyard 1950s upload.jpg

1957 map of Tai Hang

Wanchai Road

Hong Kong street map 1957

1957 Map of Tai Po Market

Kai Tak airport area

Hong Kong map 1957

Map Wanchai Road 1957

1957 Map #2B

1957 Map #3

1957 Map #1

1957 Map #2A

1957 Map of Central

1958 map of Aberdeen


1958 Map of Kennedy Town Area

Far East Camp map

1958 Map of Pokfulam / Pokfield Roads junction

1950s TST Street Map

Bus & Tram Route. Central, Hong Kong, 1956

1959 BOAC Street Map of Central

1959 Map of Central

Harcourt road_proposal

1960s Cinemas in Kowloon

1960s TST Hotel Map

1960 map of block bounded by DVRC / Potttinger St / Connaught Rd / Douglas St.jpg

1960s Central District Map



Sea Terminal-location Navy Street

1961 Map of Buildings between Ice House St and Pedder St

1961 1:600 Minden Row School

1962 Map of Silvermine Bay

Map of Wan Chai in 1963 (Chinese Version)

1963 map of TST

Map of Seymour & Robinson Roads

Wanchai 1964

1960s Map of Central

Cavendish Heights 1960s

Map showing Southern end of Anderson Road, circa late 1960s

Ocean Park Map Lowland (1980).jpg

Transport Map 1980

Jimmy's Kitchen on the 1980 map

Bus map 1980

Jimmy's Kitchen Kowloon on the 1980 map

Cinemas/Movie Theatres_1980

1980 Map of Admiralty

Hung Hom Piers (1980)

Ocean Park Map Headland (1980).jpg

Po Shan Road 1980.JPG

Landau's Restaurant on the 1980 map

Hong Kong Map (1980)(2).jpg

Hong Kong Map (1980)(3).jpg

Tsim Sha Tsui.jpg

Map of Hung Hom Bay about 1990

Wanchai 1990

1997 map of Lai Chi Kok

tsing yi power station map

Hong Kong Cemetery Map

Map of Victoria Peak

Route from Upper Peak Tram Terminus to Wanchai Gap

Maps Fenwick Pier 1980_2014

Map of area around Central Police Station

Repulse Bay Map

Haystack - RBL 509

AIL 78

A bend on Victoria Road

A bend on Victoria Road and Sai Ning Street Garden


City boundary of Victoria intersects Victoria Road and Sai Ning Street

Victoria's western boundary cuts through Serene Court.png

Western boundary of Victoria and previosuly-predicted location of the boundary

Lines drawn to deduce the location of Victoria's western boundary

'Shed' which the city boundary of Victoria cuts through on Victoria Road

3,615ยท36946ft from Emerald Garden

The University of Hong Kong's St John's College and Victoria's southern boundary

Map of High West

Map of Shek Tong Tsui District, Victoria, Hong Kong

Map of Kennedy Town District, Victoria, Hong Kong

Map of Causeway Bay District, Victoria, Hong Kong

Map of Sheung Wan District, Victoria, Hong Kong

Map of Mid-levels District, Victoria, Hong Kong

Map of Central District, Victoria, Hong Kong

Map of Wan Chai District, Victoria, Hong Kong

Map of Sai Ying Pun District, Victoria, Hong Kong

Map of Hill Above Belcher's District, Victoria, Hong Kong

2016 Causeway Bay map

2016 Map Barker Road.jpg

Map of Anti-Aircraft sites at Tai Mo Shan

IL 619 RP

Tunnel above Siu Sai Wan

Map of Sai Wan Hill Battery & Redoubt

Modern map of HKU area

IL 1874

Map of buildings around Haddon Court

2017 Map of Admiralty

Annotated map of Magazine Gap Rd

Wong Chuk Shan map

Map of The Peak

List of Lights Hong Kong

1940s map.jpg

Plan of the CITY OF VICTORIA 1905

Tutorial 05

Hong Kong O\S 1970


Tutorial 02

1901 map High Street


Yau Ma Tei reclamation


Mount Austin Hotel

Hill near Market Street / Nathan Road

High chimney

LTR escape route map 3: BAAG HQ and British Embassy

Admiralty, 1964

Ho Mun Tin reclamation

1897 map of Cochrane Street

Map of Wong Chuk Shan boulder trackway

Map of Kowloon Tong walking route


Tutorial 3



Hydrographic Office

Hong Kong to Mirs Bay map.jpeg

Hung Hom reclamation

Conspicuous tree

Admiralty, 1990

Map of Mong Kok in 1920

1912 Peak Map


Tutorial 04


Tai Tam (War Office Hong Kong Map)

Tutorial 01

TST lights

Location of North Point Bty

Reclamation in TST

1920 map of Kowloon

Kai Tak

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