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Photos tagged "Kowloon City"

1889: Gambling House - Kowloon

1891: Execution of Pirates in Kowloon

1897: 1897 Tourist Map of China and Soon to be New Territories

1910: 1910s Sung Wong Toi (Sacred Hill)

1910: kowloon city 1910 (九龍城1910)

1918: Kai Tak Reclamation - Railway Cutting

1918: Kai Tak Reclamation 1916-1924-Nullah.

1918: Kaitak-Reclamation-Temporary Railway- Dumping earth fill in Kowloon Bay

1918: Kai Tak Reclamation 1916-24-Piling-for Bridge on Nullah.

1918: Kai Tak Reclamation 1916-1924- Kowloon Bay

1927: German Tennis Club 1927

1928: 1928 Kai Tak airfield

1938: Chinese Customs vessel moored off Kowloon City Praya-1938

1938: Prince Edward Road West-1938-later demolished by the Japanese

1948: Bethel Bible Seminary, 1948

1949: Close Encounters with Kowloon City

1961: 1961 Kowloon City Pier - child abandoned is looking for her parents

1996: Kai Tak-Near Miss Certificate

2012: Bethel Bible Seminary 伯特利神學院

: A pawn shop at Kowloon City
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