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Naval Coast Watching stations

RN Coast Watching Station (1950's)

Stanley Wong MA Kok Coast Watching Station

PORT ISLAND Coast Watching Station  ADMIRALTY LOT NO. 8


CHeung Chau Coast Watching Station (YELLOW) ADMIRALTY LOT. 12

Tai O Coast Watching Station (BLUE)ADMIRALTY LOT 14

AL12 Cheung Chau coast watching station Site plan.JPG

Hong Kong Flotilla,coast watching stations Chueng Chau and Tai'o (8).jpg

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Hong Kong Flotilla,coast watching stations Chueng Chau and Tai'o (4).jpg

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In 1955-57 two remaining CWS (Coast Watching Stations) manned by the Royal Navy remained. Formerly there were as many as five. These stations ringed Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. They were observation radar and radio stations situated on the highest ground at Chueng Chau and Tai'o and both buildings are still there (2014) . The purpose was to observed and report Pearl River shipping to and fro from Canton. They were also to monitor and protect the progress and activities of the Armed Motor Launches of the Hong Kong Flotilla.

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