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ADMIRALTY LOT NO.12 Coast Watching Station, Cheung Chau

Hong Kong Flotilla,coast watching stations Chueng Chau and Tai'o (3).jpg
{C}Hong Kong Flotilla,coast watching stations Chueng Chau and Tai'o (3).jpg, by Peter Yeates Royal Navy Hong Kong Flotilla Collection{C}
AL12 Cheung Chau coast watching station Site plan.JPG
{C}AL12 Cheung Chau coast watching station Site plan.JPG, by Admiralty/War Department{C}
Cheung Chau coast watching station(Yellow).jpg
Cheung Chau coast watching station(Yellow).jpg, by


Nowaday it is the aeronautical meteorological station at Cheung Chau operation by Hong Kong Observatory, please have a look for the story of that station

 The Cheung Chau aeronautical meteorological station was set up in 1953 at a hilltop site adjacent to the Kwan Kung Pavilion on the southern side of the island.  In 1970, the station was relocated to its present site on Peak Road West (that site was formerly ADMIRALTY LOT No. 12 NAVAL STATION, Cheung Chau) Sorry that no more information found about Cheung Chau Naval Station at that moment. 

AL 12.png
AL 12.png, by Crown Lands & Survey Office Boundary book NT#1{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}

We can assume the four boundary stone was fixed on 1951 and all four of them lucky still here! those four boundary stone look quite different to other War Department boundary stone or Naval boundary stone, the size is 15cm X 13.5cm and 26cm height! The reason is still unknown but may reflect something. it mark "A L 12" only without any number or year fixed that usually could find on other Naval boundary stones. 

AL12 StoneC.jpg
AL12 StoneC.jpg, by James Ho{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}



AL 12 is also shown on the 1938 map of Cheung Chau:

David, thank for info. 

I workout [the Old Imperial Grid – Pre-1963] Transfer to [HK80 Grid] (used in 1:1000 map) (by excel) 
then use online tool transfer to Lat/Lon(WGS84), the Coordinate as follow:

     Old Imperial Grid – Pre-1963.    Measure by RTK GPS

A.  22.201799024  114.026769035    22.20179728.  114.02679872

B.  22.201111309  114.027259912      22.20133583  114.02600734

C. 22.200654199  114.026521388     22.2006394   114.02651137

D. 22.201341912 114.026030519       22.20115208.  114.02725442

The Survey may take place on 1950's but transfer to nowaday Coordinat, I find that the error is small, you may find the stones within meter. 

AL12 HK80 Lat/long
{C}{C}{C}AL12 HK80 Lat/long, by James Ho{C}{C}{C}