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Pedder Building

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Still standing in 2014!

Chairs waiting at Pedder Street

An old fashioned taxi rank in the 1920s in Hong Kong: a number of chairs in a row. Photo taken between 1924-1927.

Pedder Street Hong Kong

on Flickr dated 1908 to 1915. The Clocktower stood 1862-1913. On the right hand side is the Jardine House (2nd generation) which opened in 1909, so its early 1910's.

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Gloucester Tower [1980- ]

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Gloucester Tower topped out in May 1980

Official opening of Landmark Phase 1 was 15th December 1980

Source: Hong Kong Land at 125

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Hong Kong June 1846

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From left to right along the waterfront is:

small house - possibly harbourmasters boat shed

Lindsay & Co

Dent & Co

Rustomjee & Co above junk Sail

To the right of that is the Post office then the Exchange building/supreme court

On Peddar hill above is the Harbourmasters office. Above that is Victoria Gaol buildings. 

The first Catholic Cathedral can be seen as well, interestingly it only sems to have one tower rather than the two it had later after the 1860 rebuild. 


Hong Kong: the Club House, Parsee residence and Harbour Master’s house

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Walford Bellairs entered the Royal Naval College in 1809, and the Royal Navy three years later, serving on the ship Asia; he was commissioned in 1819. He was employed in 1842-1845 as Admiralty Agent in the Packet Service, on the West Indies route; later he served in the same capacity in the Far East, aboard the P. & O.’s first mail steamer to operate beyond India, the Lady Mary Wood. Bellairs sailed from Point de Galle, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) via Penang to Hong Kong, arriving on 21 February 1846 and setting off on the return journey a week later.

Shell House

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Looking south along Pedder Street to Shell House on Queen's Rd Central. Buildings decorated for the 1937 coronation.

Original caption: "East Asia Trading Co."

Pedder Street

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What was before the Asiatic Building and Pedder Building ?

Pedder Building [1924- ]

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Pedder Building (畢打行) was built in 1923 by the architectural firm of Palmer and Turner. In the pre-Second World War period, most tenants were foreign commercial firms with their headquarters or branches set up in Central. Most tenants evacuated before the Japanese Occupation (1941-1945), and consequently the Japanese and Chinese firms moved in. The building remained intact during the Occupation, and it has always functioned as a commercial building for shops and offices.


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