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Everything tagged "chapter 10"

Sai Kung [????- ]

A trip to visit some 'vertically buried' (to prevent them resting in peace) Japanese soldiers killed by the 'East River Brigade' during WW2. Booth goes to some lengths to describe his journey into the rural Sai Kung hillside but alas it isn't detailed enough (perhaps deliberately) to allow anyone to retrace his steps.

Hills to the south of Fanling Station with chinese graves [????- ]

Booth notes going to some hills to the south of Fan Ling station where several traditional Chinese graves were located. The hills are still there and are now densely covered with these graves.

Tai Miu Wan (Joss House Bay) [????- ]

Joss House Bay temple can be seen next to the beach. Booth describes going to this temple to watch the Tin Hau celebrations. Local sampans (run by the local triads) were used to get from their boat to the 'pebble beach'.

Tit Cham Chau [????- ]

Until recently this was still an island, but now forms part of the eastern Junk Bay reclamation.

Lei Yue Mun [????- ]

View of Lei Yue Mun Tin Hau Temple.

Ninepin Islands [????- ]

Booth says that after attending the Tin Hau celebrations in Joss Hoss Bay, the boat heads 3 nautical miles over open sea to the Ninepin islands.
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