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Photos tagged "old"

Taikoo sugar refinery

1890s HK streetscene

1899 Pokfulam dairy farm

1900 Causeway Bay

1900s MacDonnell Road

french troops 1900

US Troops Peking 1900

Indian Army Hong Kong 1900

Italian infantry

1905 Robinson road

1905 Time ball

1906 Wyndham Street

1910 Queen's Road C1

1910s Chatham Rd from Gun Club Hill Barracks

Dairy Farm Building

1910s Yau Ma Ti Station

Kowloon Cricket Club and Hong Kong Observatory

1918. Fire at Happy Valley racecourse

1918. Happy Valley racecourse

1919 Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay Hotel under construction

Repulse Bay 1919

1919 Victoria Theatre

1920s Gap Rock Lighthouse

1920s KCR Steam Train

1920s Causeway Bay

1920s Albany Filter Beds

1920s Peak view

1920s Sai Ying Pun waterfront

1920s Canton Road

1920s Tram line at Wanchai

1920s Signal Hill

1920s King Edward Hotel

1920's Junction of Carnarvon Rd and Humphrey's Avenue

1920s Kowloon Mosque

Humphrey's Building

Hong Kong in 1923 (Praya Central)

1924 Peak road

1920s Junction of Nathan and Middle Roads

Tram terminus at Causeway road

1920s Bowrington Canal

1926 Queen's Road East

1926 Praya East

c.1927 Aerial view of TST

1928 Peking Road

Wanchai Police Station

1920s Chatham Road

c.1928 Middle Road

1928 Artsheal Peak 2

1928 Praya East tram line

1928 Artsheal Peak 1

Chatham Road 1920s towards Signal Hill

1920s Royal Naval Hospital

1930 Johnston Road / Luard Rd

1930s TST Clocktower

1930s Canton Road

1930s Mody Road

1930s Dairy Farm

1930s Looking south from Hospital Hill

1930s Pofulam Dairy Farm

1930s Carnarvon Road

1930s Causeway Road

1930s Signal Hill

1930s Taikoo Sugar factory & Duro Paint factory

Tung Tak Pawn Shop on the corner of Marsh Road

1930s Apt in Kowloon

1930 Portugese Seaplane flying back to Macao from Kln

1930s Kennedy Town Fruit Market

1930s Prince Edward Road, near Kowloon City

Knutsford Terrace

1930s Arsenal Street

1930s Junction of Wanchai & Johnston Roads

Lee Theatre, 1930s

1930s Kai Tak Airfield

1930s Majestic Theatre on Nathan Road

1930s Houses on Mount Gough

1930s Holts Wharf at TST

1930s Aerial view over Statue Square

1930s Unknown location

1930s Western Junction of Hennessy & Johnston Roads

1931 Aerial view of TST

1931 Aerial view of Happy Valley & Bowrington

1932 Wellington Street

Gloucester Building under construction

1932 Submarines in HK harbour

1932 Wanchai

1930s Lyeemoon Building

1934 big fire after explosion at gas works

1934 big fire after explosion at gas works

1930s Tai Wan Beach, Hung Hom

1935 View towards Kowloon City from To Kwa Wan

1930s Junction of Nathan and Jordan Roads

1930s Vehicular Ferry Pier

1930s Luk Kwok Hotel

1930s Airlie Hotel

1935 Aircraft RAF 803 Squadron, over Kowloon, Hong Kong

1930s Queen's Road East towards Kennedy Rd

1930s Cox's Path Government Quarters

HSBC (3rd gen.) under construction

Swastika Harbour

1936 Kowloon Fire Station

Canton / Taipo Belle in TST

1936 Haiphong Road

1936 NT view

1936 Nathan Road

1936 YMCA, TST

1930s Claremont Hotel

1937 Typhoon damage

St. Mary's Church under construction

St. Mary's Church, 1930s

1938 Looking East

Central Market Construction

Barker Road Area 1938

1939 Causeway Bay typhoon shelter

1940 Causeway Road

1940s Fenwick Street

1940s Royal Naval Hospital

1940s Far East Motors

1940s Junction of Leighton Hill & Caroline Hill Roads

1940s Connaught Road Central

1940s Chardhaven Hotel

1940s Junction of Anton St & Hennessy Rd

1940s Grand Hotel

1940s Causeway Bay view

1940s Sun Kwong Hotel

Martin House

1940s Aerial view of Causeway Bay

1941 Bowrington Canal Air Raid Shelters

1941 Bombing Kaitak

c.1945 Kowloon

1946 Wanchai view

1946 Swimming Pool, Ritz Garden at North Point

1940s St Mary's Church

1940s Carnarvon Road

Kowloon Peninsula 1948

1949 Kai Tak

The National Lacquer & Paint Products Co. Ltd factory, North Point

1940s KCR Train near Chatham Road

1950s Gloucester Rd

1950s Luna Park

1950 HK aerial view 3

1950s Austin Road

1950s Causeway Bay Tram

1950s Happy Valley

Happy Valley

China Light and Power (CLP)

1950s HK Telephone Building

1950s Po Leung Kuk

1950s, Lion Rock Road

1950s Haiphong Road

1950s Salisbury Rd

1950s Wing Pit Ting

1950s view east along Bonham Road

1950s Shamrock Hotel

1950s Peking Road

1950s Kimberley Road

1950s Nathan Road

1950s Lai Chi Kok amusement park

1950s Fourseas Hotel

1950 Cenotaph

1950s Nathan Road

1950s Prince Edward Rd

1950s Tin Hau

1950s Junction of Nathan & Jordan Roads

1950s Harbour View Hotel

1950s 149 Waterloo Road

Junction of Gloucester Rd & Fenwick St.

1950s Nathan Rd / Kimberly Road

1951 Kai Tak Airport

1950s Jordan Road

1952 Central waterfront

1952 Nathan Road (near Yau Ma Tei)

Wanchai view

1952 Miramar Hotel HK

Lee Gardens/ East Point Hill Statue

1950s Whitfield Barracks

1950s TST KCR Train Queue

1950s Hennessy Road (Lee Gardens Hill/East Point Hill)

1953 Nathan Road

1953 Johnston Road

1953 City Bank of NY

1953 Star Ferry TST

1953 Wanchai Waterfront, Gloucester Road

1953 Rediffusion Building

1953 Kowloon street scene

1953 Princess Theatre

1953 Alexandra House

1954 Fenwick Street

1950s Site of former Mok Residence, The Fairview, 41A Conduit Road

Miramar Hotel

1950s Hennessy Rd near Canal Rd

1950s Cameron Road

1950s Causeway Bay air view

1955 Sheung Wan streetscene

1955 view over Wanchai

1950 Peak chair

Quiz - 1955 Nathan Road

1950s Mong Kok Police Station

Crash Jet Kai Tak Nullah

Mid 50s in TST

1950s Kowloon City Bus Terminus

1956 View south along Jubilee Street

1956 TST Airview

1956 View north up Nathan Road

1957 TST industry fair

1950s Streetscene

1957 View from the Pen Hotel court

1957 TST industry fair

Chinese Methodist Church 1958

1958 TST

1958 Victoria Park

1958 Royal yacht club

1958 Junction of Fenwick Street and Hennessy Road

1950s Miramar Hotel

1958 TST waterfront

1959 Central waterfront

Miramar Hotel

1959 View from HSBC

1959 Gingles Restaurant

TST Post Offices: Old & Older

Suzie Wong - Nam Kok Hotel (courtesy of HKMan)

1960s Junction of Nathan & Austin Roads

1960s Lai Chi Kok beach

1960s Ocean View Court

1960 Gingles Restaurant

1960s Miramar Hotel

1960s Honor Hotel
Shell House

1960s Nathan Road

Suzie Wong - Ferry Street (courtesy of HKMan)

St. Pau's Hospital & surroundings

Suzie Wong - Johnston Road (courtesy of HKMan)

1960s coastline

1960s Nathan Road

1960s Wanchai tram

1960 Yee Wo St

1960 Yee Wo Street

Hotel Merlin

1960s Classic Car

1960 Mercury House

1960 Royal Theatre

Star House

1960s Resettlement apts

Suzie Wong - Square St (courtesy of HKMan)

1960s: The next Wanchai reclamation begins

1960s Nathan Road

Signal Hill & Lighthouse

Miramar Hotel

1960s Queen's Road

Yau Ma Tei Temple

Suzie Wong - Centre Street (courtesy of HKMan)

1960s Sha Tin rail tracks

1960 Hennessy Road at night

1961 Nathan road

1960s Miramar Hotel

1961 Unknown Street

1961 Central banks decorated for Princess Alexandra's visit

1962 Fenwick Pier Servicemen's Guide

Kowloon-West 1962

1962 View from the Peak

Shatin Inn Roadsign

1963 Swimming Pool

1963 Hanoi Road

Hoover Theatre, 1964

1964 View from the Peninsula hotel

1964 Far East Mansions

1960s President Hotel

1960s August Moon Hotel

Peak Tram and Barker Road

Mount Nicholson 60s

1960s Astor Hotel

Junction of Wanchai & Johnston Roads

1967 Causeway Road

1967 Queen's road c

1967 Sheung Wan waterfront

happy valley market/ Yuk Sau

Hotel Merlin in the late 60s

Paramount on Nathan Road, 1968

1968 Merlin hotel at TST

1968 Kai Tak Runway - Aerial View from Lyemun

Miramar Hotel

1969 Peking Road

1969 TST Mody Road

1969 Kowloon CIty

1969 Shatin Taiwai view

1969 Junction of Cameron & Carnarvon Roads

1970s Hennessy Road

1970s Tsim Sha Tsui

1970s Hanoi Road

1970s Nathan Road

so kon po

1970s Tsim Sha Tsui

1970s Taikoo Dockyard

1971 TST Holts Wharf

1971 TST Post Office

1973 Connaught Bldg1

1973 North Point

1973 TST Hanoi Rd

1973 Construction of Sheraton Hotel

1974 Furama Hotel

1974 Yee Wo Street

1970s Junction of Percival St and Lockhart Rd - Traffic Pagoda -

1975 Trams in Causeway Bay

Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi Bridge 1977

1978 Marina House

Marine Dept/Harbour Master

Hongkong Bank 1980 Christmas

1980 TST streetscene

c.1980 Tram at Admiralty

Government Dockyard 1981 (2)

Holland House and current 9, Queen's Road Central

1988 Hunghom reclamation

1989 Waterloo Rd, Southbound

1989 Waterloo Rd, Northbound

1989 Hunghom reclamation 2

1990 Hunghom reclamation

44 Conduit Road - Then & Now

1993 Hunghom reclamation

Marine Police Headquarters 1997

central market

Site of Former Euston

Zoroastrian Building - current & previous generations

Zoroastrian Building - current & previous generations

Wanchai Police Station

Fleet Club: then & now

kennedy terrace

Dairy Farm Building - Fringe Club

Mong Kok - Nathan Road, Shantung Street

Pok Fu Lam Road

Wanchai: Fleming / Johnston / Wanchai Road

Third St No 103, Hong Kong

Princess Theatre

Idlewild - center

Princess Theatre

1950s Looking East along Bute Street

Buxey Lodge - Caine Road

Japanese War Memorial

Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank generation 2
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