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History Notes, issue 1

Issue 1 of History Notes was compiled by the late Phillip Bruce, and published as a printed booklet in the late 1980s. It covers topics ranging from prostitutes to poems, pirates to policemen:

Many thanks to Mr Bruce's family for letting me re-publish the booklet here on Gwulo, to give it a second lease of life and introduce it to a new audience.

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Views of Hongkong

Dates of events covered by this document: 
Wed, 1902-01-01 to Wed, 1902-12-31

This small book was published by R C Hurley in late 1902. It seems there weren't many copies printed, as I can't find mentions of other copies on the internet.

There's an introduction, then twenty-five photos, one per page, and finally a list of the photos (see below for text). The photos weren't printed as part of the book's printing process, instead each photo is a separate photographic print, stuck onto the page.

The copy I have must have originally been given as a gift, as it has a handwritten note in the front:

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Policing Hong Kong – An Irish History

Dates of events covered by this document: 
Fri, 1864-01-01 to Sun, 1950-12-31


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150 Years of Cricket in Hong Kong

There is a book "150 Years of Cricket in Hong Kong" written by Peter Hall
 Published by The Book Guild Ltd, 25 High Street, Lewes,Sussex

British Library catalogue record  ISBN I 85776 3130

I hope this will help anyone on your site to find out more.


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In Time of War

Dates of events covered by this document: 
Mon, 1940-01-01 to Mon, 1945-12-31

These extracts are from Henry (Harry) Collingwood Selby's diary as partly published in "In Time of War" (a collection of materials, including essays, POW camp regulations, etc.) edited by his son, Richard Collingwood-Selby and Gillian Bickley (Proverse Hong Kong, 2013).

The book is available from HK bookshops and can be ordered by them from the distributor, the Chinese University Press. It is also available from https://www.createspace.com/6412761.

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Escape from the Japanese

Published by Frontline Books, here's their introduction to the book:

Trapped in the depths of Japanese-held territory, it was rare for Allied prisoners of war to attempt escape. There was little chance of making contact with anti-guerrilla or underground organisations and no possibility of Europeans blending in with the local Asian populations. Failure, and recapture, meant execution. 

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The Survivors

Dates of events covered by this document: 
Sat, 1916-01-01 to Mon, 1945-12-31

I have just finished reading a fascinating book called 'The Survivors' by Diana Fortescue about her parents Tim and Margery Fortescue, who with their baby Adrian were interned in Stanley Internment Camp in Hong Kong 1942-45.

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Hong Kong, French Connections

Dates of events covered by this document: 
Mon, 1838-01-01 to Mon, 2012-12-31


Numerous French citizens, many anonymous, some famous, have explored every corner of Hong Kong, leaving on it their mark and their memories. Diplomats’ reports, missionaries’ chronicles, businessmen’s stories and artists’ works, so many captivating memories gathered together for the first time.

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Three Years and Eight Months

Dates of events covered by this document: 
Mon, 1941-12-08 to Tue, 1945-09-25


This is an unusual book. It covers a topic we don't often read about in English - the experiences of the local Chinese and Eurasian population during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. And despite the dark subject, it has lots of colour illustrations and writes about the experiences of a young boy, making it attractive to a younger audience.

Sample pages from "Three Years and Eight Months", by Icy Smith

Page 10

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