1863 China Directory Streets

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Sourth Annual Publication.





LIST OF STREETS, BANKS, PUBLIC OFFICES, ROADS, &C., IN HONGKONG, with reference to their situations.


Aberieen Strect,押巴類街 A-partecn-kvih (Quceni's Boaid Contral to Caine Road)

Albany Road, I 15 Mill L A-pur-vee-tau, (Upper Albert Road to Peak Road)

Albany Street, 亞巴彌街 A-pu-aoee-kai

Albert Bo0d, 亞厘畢道 A-keeoput-tan, (Garden Road to Wynitham Street)

Albert Boad (Upper),亞厘畢上道 A-lee-put-sheing-taz, (Albert Roai to Caine Roud)

Arbuthnot Road, E i a if A-put-nuttau, (Caine Road to Hollywood Road)

Bonham Road, X lik t Mur-ham-tar, (Caine's Road to Pokfoo lum Road)

Bonham Strand, X lik A ff Mur-hun-taikai, (Queen Road to Queen's Road West)

Bonham Strand West, * hit ILi X) Munchant-yeak, (Bonham Strand to Praya West)

Brige's Street, 必列者時街 Pit-gcer-sinkui, (Stnunton Street to Tuipigshan Street)

Burd Street, 1j Put-kai, (Mercer Street to Hillier Street)

Caine Road, EX iLl Recrotau, (Arbuthnot Road to Bonham Road)

Chan Lne, hase-le-hong, (Arbuthnot Road to Old Bailey Street)

Circtlar Buildings Lane, 圓角屋巷 Feen- kok-ook-hong, (Iolly wood Road to Queen's Roald W.)

Cleverly Street, A JK AJ {17 Kip-peleekai, (Bonlam Strand to Queen's Road West)

Cochrane Street, 3, Ba (Ef Kokpun-kai. (Queen's Road Centrul to Gage Street)

D'Aguilar Street, Fan HL Hi ( Tuk-ke-la-kai, (Queen's Road Centril to Wyndham Strect)

Duddell Street, 都爹厘街 roo-e lee-kai, (Queen's Foad Central)

East Street, 太平山東街 Tairing-shete-toong-kai, (Qucen's Rond to Jarket Street)

Elgin Street, I A i 1j Eek-kun-kai, (Caine's Road to Hollywood Road)

Endieott Lane, 烟地吉卷 Ine-ti-kut-honp, (Queen's Fioad to Jraya)-

Gage Street, * is fly Ra-gee-kai, (Lyndhurst Terrace to Aberdeen Street)

Gap Stret, A ET L/ 1j Co-teen-sharlici, (Cine's Road to Queen's Rond West)

Gilman' Bozaar,機理文新街 Fee-kec-mw.- str-Runi, (Queen's Bond Central to Fraya)

Gilman Stret, T Keemw-hong, (Queeu's Ford Central to Praya)

Gough Street, Bt Hit fy Ku-ji-kai, (Aberdeen Street to Queen's Roud West)

Graham Street, At It 11j Kanham-kai, (Queen's Rond Central to Staunton Street)

Gutzlaft Strect, 郭士立街 Kocok-sze-lay-kai, (Queen's Roed Central to Lgahurst Terace)

Hillier Street, ME JE 1j Heelee-kai, (Bonham Strand to Queen's Road West)

Hollywood Road, Tj 17 i Ho-lewu-lu, (Pottinger Street to Queen's Road West)

Hospital Road, Ed fi d E-kuonetau, (Bonham Roud to Eastern Strect, Seiyingpoon)

Ice House Street, ' Wi f Pingehongi, (Priya to Wyndhom Strict)

Jeryois Street, F I My Chairalai, (Quen': Road Central to Morrison Street)

Ladder Street, † 171 1Ej Pa-lairkui, (Queen's Road Central to Caine's Road)

Lascar Row Upper, Jd Bit I kNo-lo-sheuny-king, (Ladder Street to West Street)

Lascar Row Lower, Lt ME 0-lo-harking, (Ladder Street to Circular Buildings)

Lyndhurst Terrace, If 1X I fy Leen-ut-sze-kai, (Wellington Street to Hollywood Road)

Market Street, fT iTi {j Kai-she-kai, (Ladder Street to Caine Road)

Mercer Street, ff > 15 sa-shu-kai, (Bonham Strand to Jervois Street)

Morrison Street, HE TH 1. 11y Ma-le-sun-kai, (Bonham Strand to Queen's Road)

MoBgue Junction, 摩雞廟交街 Mo-o-meic-kocu-kai, (Robinson Road to Sleley Street)

Mosque Street, A It L 1j 110-lo-meu-kai, (Robinson Road to Peel Street)

Old Bailey Street, 澳老伸厘街 0-lorgairle-kai, (Hollymood Rood to Caine Roud)

Oriental Pathway, Kung-yeen-hong, (Gough Street to Ladder Street)

Praya, it 5 ill Hoy-pong-lau, Eastern Market to Bonham Strand West)

Fraya Eet 海旁道東街 Elyrpong-tau-loong-Rai, (Eastera Market to East Point)

Praya West, 海勞道西街 Hoy-pony-taa-sai-kai, (Bonbam Strand to Nary Bay)

Fottinger Street,砵本典乍街 Po-teer-cha-kai, (Praya to Hollywood Road)

Peel Street, 1 t 15j Pi-lee-kai, (Queen's Road to Caine Road)

Pound Lane, 74 Pon-hong, (Square Street to Caine Road)

Queen's Boad, 2 5 X I Wong-horo-lai-tar, (Parade Ground to Hollywood Road)

Queer'a Road East, 皇后大道東約 Wong-hovm-tai-lovu-toong ryscalk, (Parede Ground to


Quecmie Road Wast, 皇后大道西約 Wong-hono-tui tau-scirgeuk, (Hollywood Boed. to

• Pokfoolum Road)

Fobinson Road,羅便信道 Lo-peen-swn-taw, (Albany Road to Bonha Road)

Shelley Street, 7 7 1} Shae-le-kai, (Hollywood Road to Mosque Gardens)

Square Street,四方街

Sze-fou-lai, (Ladder Street to Market Street)

Stanley Street, 士丹利街 Sseustan-lee-kai, (D'Agoilar to Giralham Street)

Station Street, fl {j Chai-koon-kai, (Caine Road to Reserve)

Station Street Upper, 差館上街Chai-koon-sheung-kai, (Caine Fioad to Feserre)

Starely Street 時地華利街 Szc-tae-uca- le-kai, (Queen' Boai to Giage Street)

Staunton Street, 士升頤街 Jsze-tan-tun-kar, (Old Bailey Street to Bridge's Street)

Taipingshan Street, 太平山街 Tuizping-sham-Rain (Bridge's Street to Bescarre)

Tank Lane, TA t Shoey-chee-hong, (Square Street to Market Street)

Toong Man Stret, F X Z Toong-man-hong, (Queen's Road to Praya)

Webster Row, 威時打新街 Wai-sse-ta-sun-kai, (Queer's Rosd to Fraya)

Wellington Street, 威感頭街 Wriye-ing-tun-kai, (Wgadham Street to Qrueen's Rosd Ceatral)

Weng-o Ln, Wingon-hong, (Queen's Road to Praya)

West Stiet, 太平山西街 Toirping-hen-si kai, (Qucen's Boad to Taijpingslan Sureet)

W.gndhaan Street,雲咸街 J Wan-ham-kar, (Queen's Road to Hollywood Road)

Zetland Street, Y Li (Eg sir-lun-kai, (Queen's Road to Ice House Street)


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Aberdeen Street押巴  A-par-teen-kai Queen’s Road Central to Caine Road

Albany Road, 亞彬彌道  A-pun-wee-tau, (Upper Albert Road to Peak Road)

Albany Street 亞巴彌街  A-pun-wee-kai

Albert Road 亞厘畢道 A-lee -put-tau Garden Road to Wyndham Street

Albert Road Upper),亞厘畢上道 A-lee-put-sheung-tau Albert Road to Caine Road

Arbuthnot Road, 亞畢諾道 A-put-not-tau, (Caine Road to Hollywood Road)

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