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31 Jul 1945, Mini-sub cuts Japanese undersea communications cables

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Tue, 1945-07-31

On this day, the British mini-submarine XE-4 and its five-man crew cut the undersea communications cables connecting Singapore to Saigon, and Saigon to Hong Kong. This forced the Japanese to communicate via radio, which was easier for the Allies to intercept.

Adam Bergius was one of the divers who did the actual cutting. This extract from his obituary in the the Scottish Sunday Herald explains:


1922 L4 Submarine - Royal Naval Dockyard

The L4 was laid down in 1916 and commissioned in 1918. Broken up in April 1934.

In October 1927,  L4 and L5 submarines rescued crew members of the S.S. Irene from a pirate attack in Bias Bay, off Hong Kong waters. A map of the Bias Bay attack is provided here

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1932 Submarines in HK harbour

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1926 Submarines and HMS Titania

When / Where: A note on the back of the photo answers both questions -

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H.M.S. "Titania"
Hongkong 1926 

Gwulo talk: More photographs of old Hong Kong and the tales they tell

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What: If you think this looks like mother duck with her ducklings, you're not far off the mark. HMS Titania, the ship on the right, was a

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