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Trench by pillbox 107 by Pak Shui Wan beach

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Fanling to Wu Tip Shan (Butterfly Hill) Trail [????- ]

Walked the Fanling to Wu Tip Shan (Butterfly Hill) Trail as shown here on the map. Along the route, I had noticed a concrete dugout facing Wo Hop Shek at the junction to Lam Tsuen and Ying Pun as shown on the map. Behind the dugout were knee deep trenches with concrete overhangs.


Ho Hok Shan: Trenches & Tunnels [????- ]

Thomas wrote in a couple of weeks ago to tell us he'd found several trenches as he hiked over this hill, which is near Yuen Long. Rob added that he'd seen old aerial photos of the hill showing more trenches and also what looked like the shadow of barbed wire around the hilltop.

Last weekend we went back for another look. We started at the south of the hill, walked up to the summit, then followed the ridge down to the north. Soon after we started up the hill we found this, confirming Rob's sight of barbed wire on the aerial photo:


Trenches along Maclehose Trail stage 4 (around 22.361795N/114.221344E) [????- ]

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I suspect this one runs through the Gilwell Camp.

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