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Lyemun Beacon [1902- ]

Submitted by Yuenmatthew415 on Sun, 04/26/2020 - 23:39

The Lyemun Beacon is situated on a submerged rock off Yau Tong, near Lei Yue Mun. (This is NOT the pair of beacons, 88 and 89, on the opposite sides of the Lei Yue Mun Pass)

The Lyemun Beacon was first installed in 01.01.1902 as a lit marker with a red globe topmark. Soon it ceased to be lit at around 1913. In 1951 it was repainted black and white chequered and lost its topmark and in 1955 it was reconstructed. (Stephen Davies)

sai wan fort tunnel [c.1943- ]

Submitted by 80sKid on Sun, 09/29/2013 - 17:10

one of two tunnel systems I found skirting round Sai Wan Fort. This one has two entrances, one overlooking what was the bay of Sai Wan. Fairly extensive. The main entrance is easy to find (once you get there): on the road up to the fort,  head north around the hill from where there is some construction next to a resting area. There is a few minutes of bush whacking but there is a path created by workers who've been making the hillside safer. Below is a large metal fence to stop falling rocks, while next to the entrance a large boulder has been conspicuously shored up with a concrete wall.