sai wan fort tunnel [c.1943- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

sai wan fort tunnel [c.1943- ]

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c.1943-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

one of two tunnel systems I found skirting round Sai Wan Fort. This one has two entrances, one overlooking what was the bay of Sai Wan. Fairly extensive. The main entrance is easy to find (once you get there): on the road up to the fort,  head north around the hill from where there is some construction next to a resting area. There is a few minutes of bush whacking but there is a path created by workers who've been making the hillside safer. Below is a large metal fence to stop falling rocks, while next to the entrance a large boulder has been conspicuously shored up with a concrete wall. The other tunnel system, which is more extensive still, is around the same height but further north.


The other is equally marked by a shored up boulder. The other entrances would be very difficult to spot

A couple of good finds there - well, except for the rats! With cooler weather in sight, you have opened this year's "crashing through the undergrowth" season. 

Regards, David

was surprised about the rats, first time I've seem them in a tunnel. there were at least six of them, wonder what they fed on. There are probably more tunnels around the summit but the undergrowth is fairly dense

Going back to this area this weekend. Looking to find this tunnel complex and the adjacent one. Is the marker for this accurate. Since 80s kid described finding it "skirting around the fort" which is not super close to the marker on the map.

anywho.. seems i will be doing some bush crashing since the other road around is locked up 

Sorry, I haven't been to this tunnel, so I can't give any better directions. If you find it, please could you note down the lat & lon if you have GPS, and I'll update the marker's location if needed.