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Silage silo, near modern-day Fu Yat Yuen [????-????]

The location of the marker is approximate, as the silo has disappeared under the Chi Fu Fa Yuen development.

It can be seen in this photo, just below half way up, to right of centre, a round sructure with a conical roof:

Silo from the front.jpg

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Silage Silo in valley to east of Chi Fu Fa Yuen [????- ]

Dairy Farm silage silo in ruinous state. Roof absent, full of earth.

Position is approximate. Access by finding silage silo at http://www.gwulo.com/node/54617 first. Then continue along the path as it winds deep into the valley, very overgrown in places, passing various impressive trees, walls, terraces and structures. This silo is roughly on the same level as the path. Difficult to see from above as it is full of earth.

Silage Silo near Yar Chee Villas [????- ]

A Dairy Farm Silage silo in a ruinous state, roof missing, partly filled with earth, sides of vertical slat damaged.

In 2018 access was easy from either of two points on Chi Fu Road on the downhill side of Yar Chee Villas, which bring you to the top, rear of the silo. Of interest are the numbers, "22, 21, 20...", on the inside wall next to the damaged vertical slat, which seem to be for measuring the height of the silage in the silo.

Silage Silo above Pokfulam Village [????- ]

Silage Silo above Victoria Road [????- ]

a facility of the Pokfulam Dairy Farm.

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