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Old Tea Farm on the hilltop of Tai Mo Shan [????- ]

Some parts of the ruined tea farm can be seen from satellite images of Google Map. According to Xin'an Gazetteer (新安縣志), Tai Mo Shan was described as a hill with "stone piles" on it and tea plants were grown (上有石塔,多產茶).


Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

It's somewhere above the Parker Battery.


Ruins of unknown nature [????- ]

It looks like the ruin of the base of a certain structure, and it's where the map of the Lands Department has marked with some unnamed buildings.



Bishops Lodge Peak Ruin

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Shouson Hill AA Battery [1930- ]

Date Place completed: 

Additional notes from Rob Weir:

Date of last visit: Jul-98
Ref: ROB-00154
Other: Referred to in equipment lists as Deepwater Bay AA.


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