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Watsons soda bottles

Watsons soda bottles from the 1890s-1900s (left), 1910s (centre), 1930s (right). The earlier bottles, bearing the mark 'K B Ld T', were made by the Kilner Brothers Glass Co of Thornhill Lees, Yorkshire, England.

Dairy Farm milk bottles

Dairy Farm milk bottles from the late 1930s. These were made at the Los Angeles and Oakland plants of the Owens-Illinois Glass Co, USA.

Watsons ginger beer bottles

Watsons ginger beer bottles from the 1890s-1900s (right) and 1910s (left). The newer one, bearing the stamp 'Price Bristol', was made by the Price Pottery of Bristol, England. Watsons withdrew from the Philippines in 1910, hence the removal of 'Manila' from the lettering. 

Codd bottle.jpg

A codd bottle found on hillside on the peak, below where the old british war memorial hospital was located.  Would have contained a fizzy drink and presumably came from the Royal Naval Canteen prior to 1930.

Old bottles

I have a collection of old bottles that I have found over the years on the hillsides around Hong Kong island.  The Watsons bottles were found on the hillside behind the Governor's summer mansion on the Peak (before the slopes were concreted).  The flat bottomed torpedo bottle (Aquarius) was found in Tai Tam.  Can anyone date this one?


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Selection of old bottles found discarded on the hillsides in Hong Kong

Dutch Gin Bottle.JPG

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Dutch Gin bottle

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