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Everything tagged "C.C.I.L. Marker Stone"

C.C.I.L. No 1 marker Stone 4 [????- ]


C.C.I.L No 1 Market Stone 3 [????- ]

DSCF2584a.JPG, by tngan


C.C.I.L No. 1 Marker stones - 2 [????- ]

Hi There,

Got another one further along Sai Wan Road.  Suspect there might be more along the previous boundary of this lot further up the slopes.  But that would probably some trasspassing next time.



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C.C.I.L No. 1 Marker stones - 1 [????- ]

Hi there,

Found this stone earlier today.  Checked GeoInfo Map but the lot number doesn't seem to be current.  Might be sort of a previous lot and is no longer valid today.  Location is approximate but it is a road side stone, wouldn't miss if you are there.



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