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C.C.I.L No. 1 Marker stones - 2 [????- ]

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Hi There,

Got another one further along Sai Wan Road.  Suspect there might be more along the previous boundary of this lot further up the slopes.  But that would probably some trasspassing next time.


DSCF2554a.JPG, by tngan


Photos that show this place


Hi Thomas,

I can see the lot on the old Cheung Chau map. It is marked "C.C.I.L. No. 1 Chinese Cemetery":


Regards, David

Hi David,

Thanks for th eupdate.  

The two stone markers are around the presend location of the Phases 2 & 3 of the Round Table Village.  Phase 1 of the village was built in the 1960's.  There are memorial gateways or stones commemorating the inauguration of the village alone the way.

Hi there,

There seemed to be more of these marker stones.  I went Google Map and found another one, further up a foot path near the two mentioned stones.  I wonder how many more are out there.

This warrants another outing, I think.