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Photos tagged "photos"

View up the Peak Tram tracks

One of Hong Kong's business streets 1896

Peak Tram-early image

Italian infantry

french troops 1900

US Troops Peking 1900

Indian Army Hong Kong 1900

Peak Tram Kennedy Road 1900's

Hongkong - View of the Peak Tramway 1906

Peak Tram - Plantation Road / Barker Road Station

山顶轻轨 Peak Tram 1910's

歲月神偷 白加道纜車站 Barker Road Station 2008, Hong Kong Now and Then

1920s Peak view

Hong Kong Peak Tram 1920s 109.jpg

Peak Tram at May Road

Post card showing Peak Railway 1929 Hong Kong

1930s Peak Tram

Barker Road Houses 1930's

Peak Tram and Richmond House in the 1930's

Peak Tramway

Peak Tram station at May Road (1945)

The Peak tram with a view out over Hong Kong city and harbour

View from inside the Hong Kong Peak Tram fenicular

Tram, Hong Kong (upper terminus)

Peak Mansions & Mount Kellett, c.1950

1950s Peak Tram

4-7-52- Harbour from ferry- Hong Kong

1950s Peak Trams at May Road

Hong Kong, 1953

Peak Tram - Soldier of Fortune

Peak Tram - Soldier of Fortune

Peak Tram - Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune - Barker Road Station.jpg

1955 Peak tram station

The Peak Tram ride in 1957

Peak Tram

Views of Hong Kong 1960 Peak Tram HK

View From Peak Station

1960s Peak Cafe

Peak Tram Bridge over Kennedy Road

Peak Tram at Barker Road

Shatin Inn Roadsign

Mount Nicholson 60s

1966 Temp Peak tram station

Peak Terminal, May, 1966

The Peak Cafe, May 1966

Peak Tram and Barker Road 1967

Dining at the Peak Cafe, 1969

1970 Peak Tram

Peak Cafe

Peak Tram Area 1975

Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi Bridge 1977

1978 - Peak Cafe

Peak Tram Terminus/St John's Building 1980

Peak Tramway - 2, Hong Kong, 1983

Peak Tramway - 3.2, Hong Kong, 1983

Peak Tramway - 3.1, Hong Kong, 1983

1985 Hong Kong peak tram at Kennedy Road

Bridge over Kennedy Road 1991

1995 - Peak Tram

HK from Victoria Peak showing the tracks of the Funicular

Peak Tram January 2000

The "Peak" Tram

2001 - at the Peak

Peak Tram and new Richmond Houses (2002)

Peak Tram and new Richmond Houses

Peak Tram and new Richmond Houses (2004)

Life on the Peak

Looking over the Kennedy Road bridge up towards the Peak

Downhill tram passes Barkers Road

Barker Road Station (Peak Tram)

Peak Tram Hong Kong 1971.jpg
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