Sirmio [????- ]

Submitted by David on Sat, 08/01/2009 - 14:32
Current condition

The approximate location of one of Eu Tong Sen's 'castles'.

Photos that show this Place


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Joel (not verified)
Fri, 03/26/2010 - 11:23

The pin on the Google Maps location shows this place located where Fortune Garden is now. But that area is very flat.

Shouldn't it be a bit further to the east, where the Beverly Hills is located, on the hill?

I came across this place in about 1985, when it was abandoned, and had been used for making some horror films. Had a look inside, it was very interesting.

I think it you drive along Ting Kok Road, you can still see some of the original retaining walls up on the hillside

Hi Joel

You could be right - obviously you have been there - however, the photo of the family in the garden above shows a clear view over to Ma On Shan, which if the house was located where the Beverly Hills now is, you would see Yim Tin Tsai in the centre background. As it is you can see it on the left hand side which indicates an area further to the west. That's assuming the photo was taken within the grounds of Sirmio, of course.

Does anyone know when it was knocked down?

Incidentally, do you have any film names that the house may be featured on. May be worth tracking down and having a look for a definitive answer.



Hi there,

I guess we could check against old maps.  The Central Library should have 198X or even older maps of the area somewhere in their collection.   I believe the Lans Department still offers older maps dated back to the 198X, but you would have to order it.  They are in black and white only and in various scales.  You may find the index of the 1:20,000 maps here.  The 1:10,000 or 1:5000 are also using the same index, just sub-devide the squares.  The Sirmoi should fall into square 7, somewhere very close to the margine towards square 3.

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The attached link shows this Cantonese film 'The Ghost Informer', which by the end of it has quite substantial footage of both the interior and exterior of Sirmio. Not that I bought the film, I just came across it by chance when tuned into this 'oldies' Chinese movie channel provided by NOW.

there was anotrher local film that featured this place - albeit in its final stages of decrepitness - in the early 1980's. English title was "The Headhunter" (Chinese:獵頭)

and it starred Chow Yun Fat and Philip Chen. Lots of running around inside the old rooms and some scenes shot outside.