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Photos from last night's talk

It was a good talk.

The 70-seat theatre was full.  :)

Re: 1950s Happy Valley Racecourse photo

A question was raised during last night's talk of whether or not the HV Racecourse Grandstand Clocktower had been modified during the Japanese Occupation as it had architectural features similar to the Tower of Government House.  I think apparently not as seen from the 1930s photo below:

1930s Happy Valley Racecourse Grandstand

Thanks to Moddsey for giving a definite answer to my question. The photographs that I have seen of the clock tower were shot from the spectator's stand (ie from a low-angle) and they do not show the top of the tower -  which has a rather strange design with this eclectic architectural style.

When was this clock tower pulled down? I suspect the early 70s?