You're invited: David will give a talk on 16th November

Submitted by David on Wed, 09/28/2011 - 16:41

I'll show a selection of my favourite photos of old Hong Kong, and tell their stories. The venue has a good projector & a big screen, so I'm looking forward to showing the photos at their best.

The talk is arranged by the Royal Asiatic Society (RAS), as part of their series of regular talks. Here's the description from the RAS newsletter:

LECTURE: Photos of Old Hong Kong and the Tales They Tell
Visual Arts Centre • Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mr David Bellis will be delivering a talk on places and people of old Hong Kong focusing on old photos and the stories he has discovered that illuminate and enliven those photos. Mr. Bellis’ research combines people’s narratives with images and with ‘traditional’ historical narratives. He achieves this combination through ad hoc collaborations with people who join his inquiries due to their interest in a photo or a place or a topic referenced on

David’s website, has grown into a community of collaborators who have published 660 articles and forum topics revolving around 1,550 places and 4,900 photos of old Hong Kong. Not only is’s collective research prolific but their audience is engaged as demonstrated by over 14,000 comments on the website.

David's talk will be a “best of” collection focusing on both unexpected gems which has uncovered and on people's passion for historic Hong Kong.

Speaker: Mr David Bellis
Date/Time: Wednesday, 16 November 2011 at 6.30 pm
Venue: Visual Arts Centre, 7A Kennedy Road, Central
Charge: Members, $50. Non-members, $100.

You can book in advance, or pay at the door.

To book in advance:

  • If you're an RAS member, please send in the booking form included with your newsletter.
  • Non-members are also very welcome - please complete this booking form, and mail it with your cheque to Mr. Chris Young (address is shown on the booking form).

See you next week!

Regards, David

PS I'm meeting a few Gwulo regulars for dinner afterwards. If you'd like to join us, please drop me a line by email, so I can adjust the reservation:

David's email address


I'm really looking forward to David's talk; for non-members, just note on the form that you are a guest of me, Chris Young, as I am receiving the booking forms and making the list up.


well done David. It's too far in advance for me to know if I can come, but I think your audience will be in for a treat.

I'm not sure what the rule is there. I'll check a couple of days before the talk to see if they have plenty of seats left, and if so will they accept cash on the evening.

Regards, David

Moddsey, I checked with Chris and they will accept payment at the door.

Breskvar, I'm joining a few friends from gwulo for dinner after the talk. So if you can't make the talk, but would still like to say hello, how about joining us for dinner?

That offer is open to all - please send me an email if you're coming along for dinner, so I can adjust the reservation:

David's email address

Regards, David

I'm sorry but if I am a non-member and planning to pay at the door, should I still book in advance?  Thanks.

David, I have night classes to teach on Wednesdays so I won't be there unless I'm fired in the next week!

It looks like I will just have to wait patiently for the next occasion and feed myself on what's on the web in the meantime.

CHM, thanks for joining. If you book in advance you need to pay at the same time. If you'll pay at the door, no need to book in advance.

Breskvar, in that case I hope we don't see you next Wednesday!! We'll catch up another time.

Lydia, very glad to hear you and your husband can make it along too. I'm looking forward to the talk,

regards, David

Hi Toby,

You should be fine. I checked with Chris last Thursday, and he wrote:

The current list of reserved seats, as of 5 days ago, is 16 which is about par for the course. I would expect 40 based on past history.

The venue seats 70, so allowing for 40 RAS bookings that's room for another 30 people to pay at the door.

I'll be (pleasantly!) surprised if it fills up, but it doesn't look likely.

Hope to see you on Wednesday,

Regards, David

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Mon, 11/14/2011 - 20:00

Hi David,

Will there be any form of recording of your talk?  I am overseas and miss all RAS events as usual (sigh).  Anyway, have fun on Wednesday!


Hi David,

I had had the same thought as the one above.  Some sort of record of your talk would be great for those of us who cannot be there.  I, like C,  am a long way away but I am interested.  Hope it all goes well, and that you will enjoy it!

Regards,  Pauline.