Identity of a comprador

Submitted by anonymous-01 on Mon, 08/08/2011 - 18:02

I wonder has anybody come across a Tang Leong Kok who is named at my great grandfather John Olson's comprador in the 1880s.

He is identified as such by Carl Smith. Perhaps his name has cropped up elsewhere or his family prospered from the relationship.


Hi Sean, any chance the Carl Smith card shows the chinese characters for this name? If you could post them up, it will help attract someone searching for the name.

Regards, David

Afraid the Carl Smith card just gives his the English name.

Just says the Kok was John's comparador, names John as a hotel keeper gives the date and registration of the grave and says that the memorial cost $950 and was made by Fernando Sainz and that is all. Not much help I'm afraid.


PS Seems a big wodge of money for 1882