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David Frederick Trevelyan KINGDON [1921- ]

David Frederick Trevelyan
c.1921-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (town, state): 
Wirral, Merseyside
Birthplace (country): 

Looking for information on my father, we lived on the peak late 1950s his name David Frederick Trevelyan Kingdon,he worked as an import clerk I believe,nothing required only information Regards Mike Kingdon



Where did you live on the Peak?  You may have neighbours from that time who visit Gwulo.  We have a few on Lugard Rd in the 50s.

Believe it was Victoria peak,but so long ago. It definately overlooked the city. There were two large white blocks of flats very large inside (tho i was quite young) regards  Mike

Mike, not a lot to go on there. If you find out any more (eg company he worked for, address on Peak, etc), please let us know.

You might find something in the passenger lists, to give you a better idea of the years he was in Hong Kong.

Regards, David

Hi Mike,

Can you please contact me at stevekingdon@gmail.com. I have information on our father :)



Hi, Mike

My late father (Bob Bletcher) had good friends in David and Lilian Kingdon.  They had a daughter (Margaret) who married an American fellow called Howard Ross.

I recall David being a keen sailor and having a boat (Delfin - I think).  There was Also a black cocker spaniel called Sally who we took on when the Kingdons left HK for New Zealand.

Apologies if this isn't your parents.

Best wishes

Bill Bletcher

Hi, Steve


Sorry, I'm a bit late to this thread.  

My family lived in HK from 1963-1968 before we moved to Manila.

I'm thinking that your father was the same David Kingdon who was such a good friend to my dad.  I'm wondering whether you have any old photos of your parents from RHKYC days?  Sadly, old photos are few and far between as most of ours were lost when Typhoon Yoling destroyed our home in Manila.  However, I'll be happy to share the surviving few I do have including (I think) one of mum at Margaret and Howrd's wedding.  

Best wishes


Bill Bletcher

Hey mate,

Only by a decade lol. And yep that's him. 

I remember Mum and Dad talking about the "Bletchers" from HK, and how heartbroken they were to leave their dog behind.

Pretty sure they got another Spaniel when I was very very young in NZ. 

Margaret was Mum's sister; she and (Uncle) Howard came to live in NZ until the mid/early 80's when they went back to the UK.  

Contact me at stevekingdon@gmail.com for further info. 



Birth Wirral Merseyside 1921 David F T Kingdon

Christened 7 September 1921 Claughton cum Grange Cheshire UK

son of William Federick Kingdon and Elizabeth Arlene

Marriage 1946 Isle of Wight David F T Kingdon to Joan E Bellinger

Birth 1949 Wandsworth London Michael A Kingdon. Mother's maiden name Bellinger

London Electoral Register 1951 136 Mitcham Lane Putney

David F T Kingdon

Joan E Kingdon

Marriage 1959 Bromley Kent David F T Kingdon to Lilian J Harris

New Zealand Electoral Rolls  32 Oruamo Place Birkenhead Auckland

David F T Kingdon accountant

Lilian J Kingdon

New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1972 Tauaranga Bay of Plenty 15 Burrows Street

David Frederick Trevelyan Kingdon accountant

Lilian Janet Kingdon married