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Commercial Press factory, North Point [1934-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Date from the newspaper clipping.

Location is approximate, but should be quite close, based on these notes from T:

According to the news clip the approximate location of it would be somewhere along the present day Northern side of King's road between Ming Yuen Street West and Shue Kuk Street.  I think Shue Kuk Street 書局街 was to commemorate such a printing facility back then.

There's a photo of the building in Tony Banham's 'Not the slightest chance':

It's titled 'Commercial Press printing house at North Point', and dated c. 19 Dec, 1941. It was badly damaged during the fighting, as this was one of the areas where the Japanese forces landed when they moved over from Kowloon.

If it was in such a bad state I guess it would have been demolished rather than re-used. Can anyone confirm?

Regards, David

Photos that show this place



Moddsey, You've turned up another good photo. It confirms that the photo in Tony Banham's book shown above is not of the Commercial Press building.

I think API has the date wrong, and that the photo was taken in December 1941, when the Japanese were first moving large groups of POWs around. The soldiers are certainly dressed more for December than August.

Regards, David

Good comparison with the 1941 premises in the API photo with the 1955 building.