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Are the tiger balm gardens still there?

Well, are they? I have heard they had been bought and demolished...

Unfortunately, they're gone. This site has details of their demise, and other snippets about well-known buildings and locations in Hong Kong : Mr Tall found another grotto tucked away on a hillside in Kowloon. The statues are nowhere near as well made as those in the Tiger Balm Gardens, but they make for that by how odd they are. Mr Tall, any details / photos ? MrB

thanks for letting me know. It must have been a sad day. One less thing to see on my trip next year, after a gap of 40 years. Greg

wow Greg, you'll see some remarkable changes, I've lived here that long!!! I have pics of me at the TBG in my KJS school uniform, age 6...and I still remember visiting the place....those incredibly gaudy and graphic scenes....pretty amazing place! Enjoy your visit !

Yes, I am looking forward to my last visit to come. I am sure that there have been many changes there. But there are many things that will still be there, thank goodness, and I look forward to seeing the whole thing. I am just sorting out a list of 'special' things to see. Greg

It sounds like your visit is still a fair way off, but after the visit is over it would be great to hear your impressions after such a long time away. Regards, MrB

Yes, it is still quite a while - we are coming in next October,2005. Plenty of time to plan and learn more about the Hong Kong of today. After a few more questions to ask you experts before we go, I will happily let you know my impressions when we get back. Greg

First question : Can you give me some hotels to suggest staying at? I am now in a wheelchair, if that makes any difference. My wife and son and daughter-in-law are coming as well, to help with any wheelchair pushing. Greg

Here's a guide that has a sections on which hotels have wheelchair access - and a bunch of other useful info on getting around HK in a wheelchair.

There is a wide range of hotels in Hong Kong - do you have any preferences for location, budget, facilities, etc ?


PS As you think of new questions, you might want to start a new topic for each one, so you'll have a better chance of getting an answer (eg you could start a new topic "Hotel Recommendations" for this question).

Thanks for the wheelchair info -useful!

another link for you greg

More info and well worth while. Horrified to see that he could not go on the Peak tram. I could probably wriggle accross on to a normal seat for the trip. I hope. When I was young I used it every day... Greg

I work for the company that owns the Peak Tram....let me find out for back later


not a problem Greg, there are staff available to assist at both ends of the line....on arrival at the station, just ask for assistance when purchasing a ticket...and if there's a queue, it might be worthwhile sending someone along to the head of the queue to advise that there is a wheelchair user in the queue or alternatively look for a staff member before joining the queue

The map you sent me two years ago was very good, and will serve us well whenwe visit AGAIN in oct next year. I would like to meet up with you then, assuming you will not be on leave, It would be nice to meet someone who know hong kong as I did... any chance? Greg