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Does anyone know anything about the RASC launch HUMBER when it was in Hong Kong?  I have learnt online that she was transferred on the 28th September 1949 to 79Coy RASC  WT to be stationed at Sham Shui Po,  Hong Kong and that in the early 1950s she was redesignated as a FMB in keeping with"Navy Speak" at the base HMS Tamar.  She was permanently assigned to the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Hong Kong,  Major General G. C. Cruddas and that she was used as a VIP launch on which to entertain distinguished visitors.

Were there other launches that would have been used by RASC personnel based at HQLF in the 1950s and are there any photos?  I am interested as I know that my late husband went on trips by launch and I have photos of him on board with a Captain N (initial only),  Colonel Dawson and Major Pulzer but it is impossible to identify the launch from these.  My husband was an RASC national serviceman in "G"  Branch see http://gwulo.com/node/8258 Any help would be much appreciated.


This photo from Howell Green (also in RASC) shows several boats tied up at Sham Shui Po. If you click the photo then zoom in, you can see Humber is second from the right, and there are a couple of landing-craft used by the RASC on the left. It's a fair guess these were all RASC boats:

79 Coy RASC (WT) Shamshuipo, the waterfront.

Thank you for the photo David.  The link to the online info is where I found the RASC launch HUMBER and it is that that made me curious as to whether this is the launch in some of my husband's photos or whether there were other RASC launches that might have been used for these outings.

Best regards,  Pauline.