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VICTORIA PEAK - images for a BBC televison documentary


Hi All,

PLEASE CAN YOU ADVISE/HELP, I am working on a television documentary for the BBC and I am looking for photographs of Hong Kong taken from Victoria Peak over the last 100 years. We are hoping to find as many images as possible, all from the view point of Victoria Peak, in order to clearly show the dramatic change that has happened to Hong Kong over the last century. We intend to layer and merge all the best images into a sequence that will eventually appear to be moving time-lapse style footage illustrating the extreme growth that Hong Kong is so well known for.

This is for a three part science series we are producing about how modern technology and engineering are transforming landscapes around the globe (other cities that we are including in this series are Dubai, Tokyo and Lagos).

Can anyone help with these types of images, or advise on any organisations that might have their own historical images of Hong Kong (from any decade in the last century, 1900's - 2010's).

Many thanks,

Freddie Nottidge,

Archive Researcher, BBC Arts/Science - Tl (UK) 020 8008 3234 - Mb (UK) 07968 562 008 - Email:


Hi Freddie,

Our catalogue of images available for licence includes that view in years 1886, 1930, 1932, and 1965. I'll contact you by email with more information.

You can find details of other collections of old Hong Kong photos here.

Regards, David

Hongkong Land  have done exactly that with their images over the years, they produced a short sequence film as part of the celebrations at the unveiling of the Chater statue and it covered pretty much everything you want to do (including the overlay and difference in land mass) at the BBC Freddie.  Suggest you contact Hongkong Land

best wishes