No. 8 Police Station (4th Generation) / David Trench Rehabilitation Centre (2nd generation) [1935- ]

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The Original David Trench rehabilitation centre was on Bonham and eastern, demolished for the new Island line extension exit. In 2011 the No 8 Police station 4th Generation was converted into the New David trench rehabilitation centre on high street

This one is my mistake. Annelise created this Place at the right location (we can see the "Previous Places" shows Berlin Mission), but I incorrectly set the completion date to 1971, which is the completion date for the first generation of David Trench rehabilitation centre.

So this is the Place for the 4th Generation No. 8 Police Station, which later became the 2nd Generation David Trench rehabilitation centre. I've updated the title.

Extra notes from Herostratus:

The No 8 Police Station 4th Generation was  built on the same site as the 3rd Generation Police Station in 1935 as a five-storey building that contained a duty room, cells and quarters for officers. Used as the Crime Hong Kong Island Regional Headquarters until 2006. Opened as the David Trench Rehabilitation centre in 2011

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