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The Shuster Family in Hong Kong

Hi from Portugal!

I am a descendent of the Shuster Family who was in Hong Kong around 1880-1950). My grandfather, Fritz Edward Shuster, died as a POW In a camp in Japan. Some years after that, my grandmother (Elvira da Cruz) left HK and came to Portugal with her children (my Mom and Uncle) where she lived till she passed away in 1998.

Now I have been able to trace the Shuster's back to an an ancestor, Jacob Fritz Shuster, who worked at a Sugar Refinery, but I would like to find out more information, if possible.

My grandfather Shuster was married to Emma Legg(e) and I wonder if anyone has any more information I can add to my investigation.


Thank you and best regards,


Ana Shuster


Hi Ana,

I see you've already found a few pieces of information back in 2000, and a search for 'shuster' on this site (search box, top right) also gives several results.

It'll help if you can give some specific exampkes of what you're looking for. Also, please see tips 4-8 in this list.

Regards, David

Thank you so much for your tips. Hi will try and see if I'm lucky. As you saw, in the link you sent me, there was a Mr. Henry Ching who added some more info back in 2006. I tried to get in touch with him, but no luck. Do you think there would be an easy way to get a picture of my grandfather's name he talks about?

Thank you.

Ana, I assume you are referring to your Grandfather's name on the War Memorial at the Diocesan Boys' School, as mentioned in the information you obtained in 2006. I have a photo of it and can send it to you if you let me have your email address.


Oh, thank you so much! I would really appreciate it if you could email it to me. As you will probably understand, my grandmother lost evertyhing during the war. We only have one picture of my grandfather and everything we can have that links us to him is so precious to us. It has taken years to gather information, but little but little I am managing to find some bits and pieces to help build my family history. 

Thank you so much!

Best regards,



No email address, Ana!  I have taken advantage of David's goodwill and posted the photo - see Diocesan Boys' School War Memorial above. Your Grandfather's name is the last on the plaque.


Oh, I am so sorry. I saw my email address here and thought you would get it. It's

I am going to try and find the picture now.

Thank you so much. :))

DBS War Memorial

Ana: I was unaware that Elvira had married Ernest Cecil Frederick after the war until I saw your post.  I have great respect for Lt-Col Frederick. During the Battle of Hong Kong he led a large composite force consisting of RASC and other troops. He managed to escape encirclement at the Ridge, Overbays and Repulse Bay Hotel. East Brigade war diary gives a grid reference to his house 233487 which on war time maps would put it southeast of Repulse Bay (probably near where Spy Glass Hill is troday). I wonder wherther you recall any detail of this property which he reportedly owned before the war.  Was his marriage to Elvira a second marriage for him ?  Thanks.  Philip Cracknell


I came across the record of your ancestor's burial notice recently but I see that it's already in the 1897 St John's Cathedral Notes copied by annelisec for Gwulo: 

Burial  1897  Feb  12  Jacob Alexander Bedford Shuster

I dare say that Christine M. Thomas would have a photograph of his gravestone in her archive of the Colonial Cemetery if you were interested