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Has anyone any knowledge of any relations of William Lysaught (1835-1910), born Co. Cork, Ireland, died HK, Inspector Naval Dockyard Police HK, and owner of W. Lysaught & Sons Machinery godown in Wanchai. 

His daughters married Ramsey, Gibson, Cattaneo, step son Henry Dixon of Post Office, and son John Joseph married Norah Murphy, also of Co. Cork.

He, and a lot of the family are buried in St Michael's.

This is part of ongoing research into the lives of Irishmen who served in the police here.  But of this family I have very liitle information beyond this time - thanks!


type Lysaught into the Gwulo search and William, John and Mrs. and Misses show up.

Can you tell us where you have already looked e.g. PRO, Carl Smith, Old Newspapers, Google Books, etc?

Yes, Wiliam is my original guy, John his brother etc

Been through all the regular sources - Pro here and Kew, Carl Smith cards, newspapers, jury lists, probate records (here and London).  Its related to my naval dockyard enquiry, so have also tried all those sources.  Really on the outlook for any little snippets and information that takes the story further into the 20th cent - I've very little after about 1920 - thanks


Tony Banham's thorough WW2 research gives a good snapshot of the European population in Hong Kong in late 1941. You can see the lists of names by hovering your mouse over "Search Garrison" on the left menu of his website. Long term HK-residents are most likely to appear in the HKVDC / Uniformed Civilians / Nonuniformed Civilians lists. A quick scan show several Ramsey and Gibson entries - I didn't look further, but I'll be interested to hear if there are any matches.

The chances of getting a quick response to your question are slim, but where we can help is with attracting google searches over the coming months / years. To make it google-friendly, you have to think what people would type in as they search, then write your text so that it gives a good match. eg you could edit your original message above and:

  • change "HK" to "Hong Kong"
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  • expand "Ramsey, Gibson, Cattaneo" to write their full names

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