Falconridge - 35 Barker Road [1981-2011]

Submitted by Compradore on Tue, 12/14/2010 - 13:36
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I can't believe this record-setting property still does not have a place on Gwulo.  This site was sold for $1.82 billion HKD in May. 

The design of the present building (completed 1981) has always struck me as a bit odd, but I rather like it.  It reminds me of fire halls in the British countryside. 

Does anyone know about the history of the property?  The Hui family (of Central Development) bought the site in the 1970s according to one source.  I have not been able to find the original owner of the property, which according to the 1924 map should be 455 The Peak, R.B.L. 150.  Unfortunately, I found no record about previous residents at this address. 

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RBL 150 - from the Lands Search



1920 - Felix Maurice Ellis

1948 - John Baptiste Ipekdjian

Ipekdjian Brothers Diamond Merchants

1963 - George Falconer and Co.

1973 - Paraluz Co. Ltd. (change of name to Central Development Ltd)

1977 - Deed surrendered to the Crown

New lease and lot number:  RBL 1019

Thanks, annelisec.  Does the land search reveal how much Paraluz Co. paid for the property?  I have always been interested in historical prices of properties on The Peak.

When the site was sold in May, I read that there was an internal transfer of the property in the mid-1980s for $50+ million.  I believe the property was sold by Falconridge Limited, which may be a subsidiary of Central Development.

Hopefully, I can find a picture of the old house that was demolished for the existing lowrise. 


For IL 150


    09/11/1972    20/03/1973    -

    17/05/1973    08/06/1973    $2,500,000.00


The deed was surrendered for a new lot RBL 1019.


It costs me HK$25 to buy each of these lease summaries.  Buy me lunch (HK$100) and costs and I'll get the lease summary for RBL 1019, too and send you the copies. 

Of course you can do it yourself through the Land Search.

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Hello!   I am JB Ipekdjian's grandaughter.  My parents held their wedding reception at the house and I may have a photo of it somewhere.  Are you still interested in seeing one?  I can search through old photos of their wedding and see if I can find a good picture of it.  It was beautiful from what I recall.

Hello Pia,

Please post any photos you can find about old bits of Hong Kong to this site.  There are more professionals and closet experts than you can imagine here who may be able to give you information directly, or tell you where to go for clues. 

You can scan them and put them up here by following the instructions on http://gwulo.com/node/add/image.  

Alternatively, you can always email the Chief: David@Gwulo.com.


As Compradore wrote in 2010, Falconridge was sold in May 2010. I checked some photos on Flickr:

March 2011: still standing (https://www.flickr.com/photos/gigiush/5602445595/)

April 2011: Scaffolds and green net around the house (https://www.flickr.com/photos/southbound228/5682767914/)

May 2011: Almost gone (https://www.flickr.com/photos/reevery/5819207748/)

June 2001: Everything is gone, only the podium is left (https://www.flickr.com/photos/little-sightings/5944033620/)

June 2012: Construction work for a new building has started (https://www.flickr.com/photos/toby_garden/7320302476/)

Suggest to set demolition date to March 2011, and also the state from current to demolished.