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Wartime Lantau

I haven't ever seen much written about Lantau's experience of the second world war. But last week I read about it twice!

First was Suzannah's description of the War Crimes in Hong Kong, including "Kempeitai and [Japanese] Army attacks on villages such as at Silver Mine Bay". We'll learn more about that when her online database goes live next month.

Second was a slim book I found at the library in the The Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. It talks about the operations of the communist guerillas against the Japanese on Lantau Island. It's written in Chinese, but includes an English translation:

'Lantau Island Anti-Japanese Guerrilla' by Chen Da Ming. Published by Hong Kong Culture Association.
ISBN 962-86743-1-5
HK Library ref: 951.042 DAY

A quick Google search shows James Hayes has also written briefly about Lantau during the occupation.

Regards, David